Mistakes on websites

Scrolling one page (single page) sites

In good design, we often forget the usability and marketing potential. One site for multiple services or products is not enough. You Need to pay attention to the detail in services, you need to have enough relevant content that search engines would like. If your story is not simple and straight, choose instead a deeper site structure. Multiple landing pages will help you in SEO and PPC. If you need to graduate a product, event or create a microsite, a one-page Web site may be appropriate. For all other rather select multiple subpages.

Unnecessary functionality

On the web is playing music that you cannot turn off. With a finger on the mouse wheel you need to go 4 meters to relegated all of smiling staff and get to the coveted information. Constantly something is showing on the web, jumps and diffuses your efforts to make the conversion. The golden rule, sometimes less is more applies on the web sites as well. Concentrate on guiding the visitor to your contacts to sign up for the newsletter or to purchase – a goal for which it was created web.

Poorly designed menu navigation

Do not hide unnecessary menu items to navigate drop-down menu. If you have enough space in the main navigation, use it. Non-functional shutters on mobile makes the visitor leaves the site quickly. What is worst, the wrong set up and multi-blind on the desktop. When diagonal move from one level to another, the entire menu will disappear and you have to start again. For How many times will you tolerate it? The solution is properly selected reaction time menu when after leaving the cursor menu will remain active for at least half a second.

Poor responsiveness

responsive-poorResponsive Web sites often suffer from the same affections. For example, third-party components, which, when is the bad design, you cannot get from. This happens especially in dynamic maps that can be scaled and know how to “travel” on them. If the map covers the entire surface of the phone, you do not know how to get out from it and continue on the web. The solution can be a static map, which is the mobile open in an external application. Never fill the with map the entire screen space, but the space around Preserve, through which the visitor will be able scroll below and will not become lodged in it.

Compulsory registration at the e-shop

Allow customers to decide whether they want to register to your e-shop. Give them the opportunity to complete the order without having to remember yet another password and the entire purchasing process was unnecessarily prolonged. One of the arguments against registration of users is that they don’t need to log in even when they are in the stores. They fear also giving out of their personal data. If you insist on registration, drag it from the first step of the order to the last and as an option. A top it up with benefits that registration provides such an accelerated process orders, purchase history, special offers for loyal customers.

Web without contact

There are still “mysterious” sites that you are unable to contact. Alternatively, in the footer is suspect – at best a Gmail – contact. Pay attention, how your contact site looks like and how easy you can find it. Do not experiment with the position of unnecessary contact. Contact should always be the last item on the menu. Give customers the more options, how you can be reach. Especially if you provide services. Protocol mailto: which creates from your e-mail message, it should go without saying, but do not rely on an inconspicuous link. Use contact form, across the multiple pages.

Incorrectly adjusted popups (pop-ups)

Peter does not like them and either google does, because it depends on both sites providing a good user experience. Annoying pop-up “popups” or, as they called it Google, “intrusive interstitials” are elements that visually annoy users and prevent them from getting to the content. If you use pop-ups to be pushes you to get access to content or the top of the page you’ll have harassing content that must be scrolled, Google will reduce your site’s position in mobile search. There are valid exceptions for cookies, age confirmation and payment gateways.

Set correctly popups are an effective way to gain contacts from your customers, but allow them to “jump” at the right moment. Do not bother visitors in the first seconds of visit, but offer the registration after the experience with your content.

Fast and crowded moving sliders

If the web using mobile banners, whether as a cover image on the main page or as part references, slow down. Although the banners are informative valuable, at the high speed you can miss reading them and you may miss an important detail. On the other hand, too slow slider visitor will scroll. The golden way is the use of an appropriate amount of text to the label of the timer, or complete absence of the automatic scrolling.

A poorly optimized website for mobile phones

It may be that large and complex websites and e-shops with deep structure and amount of information requires a complex and responsive version. Consider whether you need to have on your phone all the information contained in the full version of the page. Due to the different quality of the connection, you should focus on rapid mobile version optimized images, without unnecessary JavaScript. If it requires your product, it should also consider creating an application. Today, there are several options.

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