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Meet our team and learn how we can take your marketing efforts to the next level. From SMM and content marketing to SEO, we have the skills.

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michal barus webjuice ceo

Michal Barus


Hey, my name is Mike, and I am passionate about improving the digital experience between brands and their audiences. Before I turned 20, I moved to Dublin, Ireland. Looking back, my humble goal was only to get enough money for my first laptop.

I have studied at the Dublin Institute of Technology for six years, and have been enjoying Dublin for the last 17+ years. By 2014, I had found my own thriving company, Webjuice. We generated over $10M+ in leads for our clients. We are the complete package, with our inspiration drawing from the latest web and marketing trends.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”
–Gautama Buddha


Tarun Ghosh SEO specialist at Webjuice

Tarun Ghosh


Introducing Tarun Ghosh, the SEO wizard who’s so good at technical SEO, he could do it in his sleep. But don’t ask him to write a blog post, unless you want a Twitter thread. When he’s not busy making WordPress websites look beautiful, you can find him bench pressing or playing cricket and talking about the financial market. He also watch each and every sitcom you can think about. Please don’t ask him about Walter White or Pablo Escobar, HE WON’T STOP.

Alex Mondol off-page specialist at Webjuice

Alex Mondol

Off-Page SEO Specialist

Meet Alex H Mondol, a seasoned professional in the field of search engine optimization with a specialization in off-page strategies. He is an individual who possesses a keen interest in the realm of PC video gaming, and is also deeply fascinated by the field of Artificial Intelligence. Alex’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding is a defining characteristic, which serves as both his greatest strength and weakness. This incessant curiosity allows him to stay abreast of the latest industry developments and apply that knowledge to his work, resulting in his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the field of SEO. His unyielding desire to learn and improve makes Alex a valuable asset to any organization.


Minhazus Sakib graphic designer and video editor at Webjuice

Minhazus Sakib

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Meet Minhazus Sakib, the graphics designer and video editor who can make your videos look like a FIFA game and your FIFA game look like a cinematic masterpiece. When he’s not busy crafting visually stunning designs and videos, you can find him scoring goals on the football field or dominating in the virtual world of video games. Trust us, you’ll be in good hands with Sakib, just don’t ask him to choose between design and football, it’s like asking him to choose between cake and ice cream.


reinette robbertze content and copywriter at webjuice

Reinette Robertze

Copy & content writer

Here we have Reinette, with an impressive portfolio of tech blogs and magazine articles behind her name. She shares her real-life experience as an entrepreneur and passionate freelancer. Her educational background with a degree in Business Management guides readers with authentic information.

When she is not writing or editing, she sleeps too little and talks too much. We have another avid gamer on our team. Between balancing work and pleasure, you will also find her exploring hidden gems off the beaten track to satisfy her traveling obsession.

maria varacierta content and copywriter at webjuice

Maria Varacierta

Copy & content writer

I am an SEO content writer and I love writing content that offers value to my community. I love meeting new people, sharing experiences, and visiting new places. This nourishes my soul and makes my imagination soar when writing. I graduated with honors in Telecommunications Engineering and have a Master of Science in Management. I have a lot to thank for my two careers; they are the basis of all the knowledge that I can share today.
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