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  • Everyone has different preferences, tastes and businesses. If you have decided to make a website for your business you need to follow few steps which will attract your c

  • Why do you need SSL? What is the importance to be on SSL certificate? In this blog I will tell you why to switch to https. What is SSL? From website security to customer

  • Perhaps you’ve also heard that all websites must go to https as soon as possible. What it means and how to do it correctly? What is https? Hypertext Transfer Proto

  • I am bringing some long tail suggestions for you. If you didn’t use or just ignore long tail keywords you should get it as soon as possible to start paying attenti

  • A year and a half were on sites that have begun to protect the data of its users switching to https protocol. January 20, 2017 Google began sending out a warning in Webm

  • WordPress is a system that is constantly evolving and improving. Stable version is out from December 6. Let’s see together what changes will bring this new version

  • New Google Analytics Add-On Displays Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website New add-on for Google Analytics provides new detailed information about more than 180 mill

  • A good website is as easy as navigation in library – each book is exactly where it supposed to be. Good e-shop is organized as a logical business – the peopl

  • The agency has the expertise you need The most commonly used online marketing platforms are evolving very quickly – Google and Facebook, which together eat up most

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