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google snippet

27 Dec Google Maccabees Update

Maccabees is one of the updates to the main Google algorithm, which we know as Fred. Today, Google's spokesman confirmed that mid-month was really about updating the main algorithm (apart from a bunch of smaller ones) that focuses on the relevance of search results. "We've released...

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woocommerce plugins

02 Dec Must-Use plugins for Woocommerce project

Wordpress is an open source platform designed primarily for creating blogs and simple websites. But after some years Wordpress improved to be more complex platform for creating e-shops, booking systems and so on. You can improve Wordpress by installing additional tools (plugins). With the use...

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how to choose website

21 Jun How to choose the website for your business?

Everyone has different preferences, tastes and businesses. If you have decided to make a website for your business you need to follow few steps which will attract your customers and target market. First of all, it is good to know the difference between domain and website, why...

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why you need https

12 May 5 reasons you need https

Why do you need SSL? What is the importance to be on SSL certificate? In this blog I will tell you why to switch to https. What is SSL? From website security to customer trust. SSL certificate is very important in these days because it...

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how to switch to https

01 Feb Why and how to switch to https

Perhaps you've also heard that all websites must go to https as soon as possible. What it means and how to do it correctly? What is https? Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a "language" that your browser talking with the server which sending to the browser web page....

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