Why and how to switch to https

Perhaps you’ve also heard that all websites must go to https as soon as possible. What it means and how to do it correctly?

What is https?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a “language” that your browser talking with the server which sending to the browser web page. Owner of the website doesn’t need to know how its working. The only important thing is that is using icon “lock” in near URL address.

Important is it the letter S indicating Secure. Most websites today use a free version without S, which is unsecured. This means that data between the browser and the server travels in text format and anyone can read or modify the route. Think of it as a classic postcard – you can also read anyone postcard on way from you to the recipient in his hand.

Around 2015 it began to promote more use of https everywhere and it has slowly but surely becoming the standard. Some browsers from 2017 they begin indicate the website without https as potentially dangerous, if they are sending passwords to the server. Prospectively, it is very likely that this disadvantage of unsecured sites will be increasing and in a few years http completely gone. Therefore, I strongly recommend to have a site available to https today.

How switch to https?

Without the help of your network administrator, most likely you can not do it. Ask you admin what solutions he can offer you and for how much money. Now webhosting providers offering it for free or just for small charge. They are using certificates Let’s Encrypt which is free but it’s enough for normal website.

The price of such “better” certificate begins to hundreds of euros or dollars per year. But as I said, for normal website using paid certificate are unnecessary. Let’s Encrypt free is enough for you.

If you own a server or VPS

If you have a server or VPS, so you probably have someone who is taking care of it – your network admin. So the easiest way is to ask your network admin to install Let’s Encrypt and you are safe! Great article about how to deploy to server Let’s Encrypt, will be in next blog. 

What to remember when changing to https

Redirection 301 of current addresses

Its extremely important to realize that webpage on https Google see like a totally new webpage. In theory if we run web on http://webjuice.ie is totally different than https://webjuice.ie. So you need to redirect all the old addresses to the new address, so the people and Search engines can see that the webpage was moved from http to https.

This redirection can be done most easily by your network admin or web server. If for some reason the server level can’t, you can use WordPress and set 301 redirections with some plugin or trough .htaccess file in root of your website.

Your web hosting provider or network admin should give you https solution and set the 301 redirection if he doesn’t know or he doesn’t provide you should think about to changing your hosting provider. You can contact us and we offering shared web hosting with https, VPS servers or dedicated servers.

Final check of the web

After you moved the web site to https you need to do final checks of all pages, contact forms, payment system and all functions.

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