News that brings WordPress 4.7

WordPress is a system that is constantly evolving and improving. Stable version is out from December 6. Let’s see together what changes will bring this new version of WordPress.

New theme Twenty Seventeen

You could call it a tradition that with each major update WordPress comes in and changes the default template. Well it will not be any different now. The template offers a lot of settings that allow you to customize the look of the site to your liking. Definitely worth mentioning that all changes through personalized news panel are reflected in real time. It gives you a chance to see how your site will look after adjustments, before you save the changes and publish to the public. Twenty Seventeen offers various color web page either choose preset versions, or define your own colors, modifying navigation, widgets, or defining custom CSS. Finaly custom CSS!The template is fully responsive than otherwise, that web page will adapt well to mobile devices and tablets.

Video Captions

The main feature of the new template designer Twenty Seventeen is a big head. Page header after a new image may contain in addition to the video, which can be useful for Web pages intended for presentation purposes. When setting video headers you can choose from two options. The first option is to upload your own video in MP4 format, or you can head to the site embed any video from YouTube.

Custom CSS Live View

WordPress 4.7 brings enhanced opportunity to define your own CSS. Certainly you do not need time to adjust the appearance of the site. Change the font color, or hide any element of the site. Obviously you typed changes via editor directly into the file style.css, or you used a plugin for editing site styles. Now you can all change in the CSS enroll in the Custom CSS panel customization template. All changes will be reflected in real time in the preview website.

Language selection for administrators WordPress site

Currently, WordPress offers for all webmasters a language that was selected during installation of the system. WordPress 4.7 will allow users to switch the language of administration right from your user profile. This option is useful especially if the site is managed by several people, who prefer a different language. Setting a different language of administration provided that the required languages are installed in WordPress.

Thumbnails for PDF files

The new version of WordPress will entail the preview feature for PDF files, which is already familiar from the current image. This gadget facilitates recognition files with the same or similar name. Unfortunately during my testing I could not replicate this feature. However, I believe that in the final version of WordPress 4.7 will thumbnails tuned and fully functional.

Text editor

Minor variations are to see in text editor, you encounter while writing articles or pages. Menu for selecting the text has been moved to the upper rail. Button to underline is removed and the button for the horizontal separation of the text was moved to the bottom rail. Menu to select the type of text are displayed and keyboard shortcuts that you can save the writing for some time. Of course it is necessary to get them to adopt the use of abbreviations was automatic and you did not spend more time searching for them 🙂 about shortcuts Read more in Article 33 hotkeys for WordPress that you must know.

WordPress under the hood

The changes will affect the core of WordPress. Developers will be able to add a new version of WordPress own mass events in the list of the various administrator screens, such as posts, user comments, and so on.
As with your own templates for the site will be in WordPress 4.7 to use the templates by post type. This allows developers to customize the design exactly according to Post. For me, a very useful feature for which I am very excited to try it out in practice 🙂
WordPress 4.7 comes with numerous useful changes and improvements complete list can be viewed at the official website

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