Case Study: Painting Company

Increase from 0 to 60 organic leads per month

Uncover the incredible journey of a Painting Company as they achieve remarkable success with proven strategies and tactics.

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Increase in Organic Lead From 0 to 60+ per month
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Listing on maps in one month 10900 customers
Visits the website 128 customers from Google Maps

About the company


Painting in Colour is one of Dublin’s leading paint manufacturing and renovating companies with the ultimate goal to make living spaces a beautiful and hospitable environment. Painting in Colour reached out to us for help to build a new website and attract new customers. Painting in Colour is a brand-new company with no reviews or history. The market in Dublin is very saturated with painters, some of who were on the market for over 10 years. This task was a tough challenge. Robert and his team needed to get noticed and that’s the part where we came to the rescue.

Understanding the Painting in colour business


The first and most important challenge was to design and build high converting website with CTA buttons to make the customer want to click the Call To Action (CTA) button or fill out the contact form. After we designed an appealing website we set up Google Ads. After the first week, we got some results and leads for the company. In the meantime, Google Ads were running when we started to work on SEO and Local SEO. The material must be pertinent to what your clients are looking for, which is even more crucial.

Scaling the local painting business in Dublin


Setting goals and figuring out how to achieve them is a straightforward activity that every business owner should perform. You’re more likely to stay focused and complete these goals if you set them early on. You should aim to construct an interface that works well for both you and your users while building a website. You may improve brand awareness and customer loyalty by identifying your goals and priorities for dealing with customers. Naturally, your website is a key component of this. Users will be interested in a website that has a distinct emphasis. Adding a ton of random elements and calling it a day is the worst thing you could do. Early on, you should have a clear objective that will help customers comprehend what your company can accomplish for them.

UX strategy

Paintingincolour Case Study


Our design team chose a clean and fresh design aesthetic to represent the quality of Painting In Colour. The website is built in WordPress CMS and set up on Astra with Elementor. Robert asked for a clean design with catchy pictures. We used clean brown and orange colours to promote the business. Our video team made some promo videos to represent his business and did some Youtube SEO. Robert provided decent-quality pictures from his painting projects as well.

Test and Launch

The last was testing on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Although having a mobile website can seem like a must-have feature, not everyone is actually optimized for that. Five years ago, everyone should have been prepared, but few anticipated how drastically the mobile revolution would alter everything. Mobile devices account for 50% of all Google searches, and many people use Alexa and Siri to find places and other information. When everything was in order, we launched the site.

Scaling with Google ads, seo, and local seo


Since Google frequently modifies their sophisticated algorithms, what helped to rank your painting business website yesterday may be wholly irrelevant today.

In fact, it’s possible that you’re still utilizing SEO techniques that Google no longer recognizes as excellent practices. When these strategies are used improperly, as with link building, they can result in fines and even total removal from Google organic search results. The client relaxed knowing that we’ve put together a useful list of white-hat SEO strategies to assist his painting company outperform the competition in organic search results.

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What we did

The content on your website will be the single most significant onsite SEO ranking criteria in 2022. The material must be pertinent to what your clients are looking for, which is even more crucial.

Local SEO for Painting In Colour

Painting in Colour

Keywords: painters dublin

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In local search, Google My Business has emerged as the top dog. We created a unique local SEO strategy for Painting in Color that targeted neighbourhood residents looking for painting services in Dublin after doing our onboarding interview session with the Webjuice team.
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