Facebook Ads – different types of traffic

What you should know
facebook ads strategy
These are the biggest Facebook Ads traffic sources. After Marc  Zuckenberg release news about Facebook algorithm it will be very important to build real brand, audience and focus on long-term business.

There are 3 types of traffic

If you want great results you need to identify each customer and show different ads to different traffic.

Cold traffic

  • Never heard of your brand, name or website
  • You MUST build the relationship FIRST and THEN ask them to buy
  • If you selling really low priced items, you can convert cold traffic
  • Than you can focus on increasing life time value of customers and sell them more expensive products
  • Don’t expect sales with high ROAS from cold traffic
  • Engaging content
  • Pre sale content
  • Introduce your brand or product and create trust and credibility
  • Pixel visitors so you can retarget
  • Track their behaviors
  • Segment your traffic based on the action they made
  • Thanks
  • Trust so you can show more relevant content in the future to them
  • Pixel traffic
  • Get leads
  • Introduce your brand and product
  • Get them further down to the funnel
  • Lookalike are best ones for awareness/acquisition. Campaigns most quality traffic which you can retarget with next campaign in the funnel
  • Target properly here. Need to get
  • Don’t target third world countries
  • Video are working well
  • Don’t care if we don’t make sales here, we need cheap cost per cost per click CPC

Awareness/Acquisition campaign

First touch point of your multi-touch point market strategy
  1. Lookalikes from buyers, add to cart, visitors, page engages, subscribers
  2. Interest (Magazine, brands,…)
  3. Behaviors (Engaged shoppers, pet food, buyers,…)
  4. Demographics (Age, Country, income, ….)

Warm Traffic

  • Consist of the people who knows about you, your brand, your products
  • People who:
    • Read your blogposts
    • Watched your videos
    • Like your brand
    • Signed to your newsletter
    • Engaged in some other way
  • They already showed some type of interests in your brand or product but the still convincing to buy
  • You don’t need to introduce your brand again too much because they already know you
  • You need to turn into buyers
  • Communicate differently to segments your traffic, based on what level in the funnel you are
    • Make offer
    • Make sales
    • Show your brand consistently in front of them
  • Convert from acquisition to paying customers
  • Test more creative ads
  • Discounts, special and limited time, black Friday,…
  • Retarget them based on their behaviours
  • Turn them into buyers
  • Got some prospects, traffic
Got some traffic, watched video, subscribed, added to cart but didn’t buy. Now it’s time to retarget them.

Targeting Warm traffic

  1. Visitors (product visitors, category visitors, store visits, blog post visitors)
  2. Subscribers (who gave your email)
  3. FB engagers (page engagers, clicked CTA, saved post)
  4. Video watchers (watched 95%, 75%, watched 10 seconds)
  5. Abandonment carts (who added to cart but didn’t purchase)

facebook traffic sources

Hot traffic

  • People who bought something
  • They know you really well!
  • These people are your business
  • Much easier to sell past customers
  • Communicate mainly with retargeting ads and email marketing
  • Focus on your past buyers
  • Build long term relationship
  • Increase LTV (Long term value of cost)
  • Remind them of your brand and new products. Make them buy again
  • Say thank you to your customer
  • Make them feel informed, happy and special
  • Sell them more (increase LTV)
  • Get testimonials
  • Make the biggest profit
  • Build long-term relationship
  • Don’t run fake discounts every day
  • Need to take care of your buyers and make them feel special and happy so they come back and purchase or refer your brand to their friends
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