Case Study: Pure Green Franchise

Pure Green Franchise: increase in organic traffic by 400% in one year

Witness the astounding rise of Pure Green Franchise as they skyrocket their organic traffic by 400% in just one year, dominating Google Maps rankings for each store.

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Increase in Organic Traffic by 400% in one Yer
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1st position on Google Maps with primary keywords
Visit to the franchise Stores increased by 300%
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About the company


Pure Green is the fastest-growing juice bar franchise in the US. Pure Green started with a few brick-and-mortar retail stores in New York City and quickly grew into an omnichannel business with a national franchise division and a wholesale division. Pure Green cold-pressed juice is proudly served to professional athletes, high-end hotels, celebrities, and everyday people looking for optimal nutrition.

Pure Green Franchise reached out to us for help to build and scale a franchise business using SEO, Local SEO, and paid social lead generation. Webjuice has years of experience helping the fastest-growing juice bar franchise in the US – Pure Green. We take care of the website’s design, branding, SEO, and Local SEO. We help each franchisee with a Google Business Profile by scaling the proximity on the map.

Understanding the Pure gree Franchise business


Understanding is the cornerstone of a good SEO strategy. This is why, during our strategy phase, we collaborate with Franchisor and Franchisee to thoroughly understand your business, competitors, and industry. This enables us to develop a plan of attack that is tailored to the circumstances of your organization, rather than using the generic strategy that many agencies employ. The next stage is to carry out the attack strategy. We have worked with Pure Green Franchise to implement a unique SEO plan using moral, and ethical strategies. Because search engine optimization is considered to be a long-term investment, our strategies emphasize both quick wins and sustained long-term growth.



Scaling doesn’t refer to the return on ad investment (ROAS), but it is an important consideration. We are a number-first agency. We do not leave anything up to chance. Our targets are known before we even spend a dime. Scaling involves driving qualified traffic towards a website that converts well, while also increasing the retention rate. It is also about managing variable costs. It sounds complex, but the math works like this:

how to scale
(V x CR x LTV) – VC = $, or (Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) – Variable Costs = Profit. This equation is the lens we look through to problem-solve growth for our clients. Essentially, drive visitors, convert them as often as possible, increase their value, focus on a variable cost, & you’ll have profitable revenue growth.

UX strategy

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During the discovery phase, we were able to identify several gems that would bring their sites to life. Through storytelling, we wanted to create a site that was rich with information about their franchise products and benefits, talk about what makes Pure Green different from other juice bars, and highlight why Pure Green tastes so much better than its competitors. Using wireframes, we laid out how that story would weave across the various pages and sections of the site to create cohesive and easy-to-navigate pages.


Our design team chose a clean and fresh design aesthetic to represent the purity and quality of Pure Green. It was an easy decision to use green as an accent colour for the site, and we sprinkled enticing, high-quality images of their juices and processes to weave their story throughout the pages. Once development started, one of the first things our developers did was update the version of Squarespace that Pure Green was using for CMS. Once this was complete, we coded the newly designed pages in HTML and CSS and integrated everything with the most recent version of Squarespace.

Test and Launch

Thoroughly testing the site was something that our quality assurance team took very seriously. They double-checked every page and feature on the site to make sure everything performed as it should. They also meticulously checked everything on a variety of browsers and mobile devices to ensure a uniform experience across devices. When it was confirmed that everything was good to go, we launched the new site and let the Pure Green orders roll in!



Thanks to the effort of everyone involved, we were able to take Pure Green’s outdated, cluttered, and confusing site (stuffed full of content) and turn it into a cohesive experience that tells their story beautifully. The site is now neatly designed, easy to navigate, and provides a delightful shopping experience for all franchises, retail and wholesale customers.
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What we did

One thing we are proud of is that we look at the business as a whole and not only as advertisers. It allows us to establish more intimate relationships with prospective investors or customers.

Local SEO for Franchisee

Pure Green Madison - Wisconsin

Keywords: smoothie, juice

local seo rankings
local seo interractions
local seo interractions

Google My Business has become the creme de la creme of local search. After conducting our onboarding interview session with the team at Webjuice, we developed a custom local SEO strategy for the Pure Green Franchise business that focused on targeting local customers looking to purchase juice and smoothies within a 1-3 miles radius in different cities in the US.

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