How to Plan A Blog Post in 6 Easy Steps

How to plan a blog post in 6 easy steps Featured Image

Key Takeaways

  • The topic, your insights, and your viewpoints need to be compelling to the reader
  • It’s important to take a look at who is interested in the brand
  • A weak heading is content marketing suicide!
  • Using your main keyword in the headline is a perfect way to attract attention

Your blog content is not just about getting your point across or throwing your own ideas at others – you need to know how to plan a blog post.

The topic, your insights, and your viewpoints need to be compelling to the reader, draw them in, and keep them coming back for more.

When considering the number of blogs already posted on the online universe with the same topic as yours, it’s vital to take all the necessary precautionary measures to create the most compelling content possible.

Planning your post ideas ahead will provide you with an opportunity to create engaging and informative content.

This step is often overlooked, yet is so crucial to any successful content strategy.

So, you want to know how to write a post?

We will discuss how you can create engaging new posts, and delve into how to pick topics to write about.

Let’s turn a great post into an excellent post!

Know the Brand you’re Representing

Writing the type of content that is well-aligned with the brand you are representing is important not only for the sake of credibility but also because it will accomplish the goal of generating leads and sales.

When you represent a brand in your piece of content you need to cast them in the light they would want to be seen in.

This means that the overall topics and its message should attract the brand’s particular audience or create interest in your own audience for the brand.

Know your brand

A brand might have specific goals regarding the outcome of the blog topic, be sure to represent the brand in the way they would want to be represented.

Always try to focus on the brand’s most iconic aspects regarding their history, products, and overall demeanour towards the content you create.

By consulting with the brand you will be able to get a rundown on the exact expectations and overall goal.

By getting an understanding of the brand you will be able to easily sell its ideology and products to its target market by planning your content accordingly.

Understand the Audience

It’s important to take a look at who is interested in the brand and who is visiting your blog.

This could give you insights into how to introduce the brand to your readers and how the brand’s current audience would react to your take on the topic.

Once you have determined the target audience you will need to come up with blog post ideas that meet their expectations and interests.

You might need to tailor your writing style and tone to match the market or specific brand.

Your blog content plan should include both your own audience and the brand’s audience for optimal traffic increase.

Plan A Blog Post

Consider the following steps to pinpoint the brand’s audience;

  • Conduct proper research before you create content to get insights into who the target audience would be when you write and publish the post on the world wide web.
  • Here’s a secret- the best bloggers test different versions of their content. This could be a great tool in planning the final blog piece.
  • Always look at the benefits of the brand and the market. ‘’What will make the audience happy?” Remember this when you design your blog content. Know what the key focus points of the post should be to encourage your audience to consider the brand.

Attract Attention With the Headline

Your heading is the first appearance that matters.

It is what will entice your target market to read the blog.

Without a strong and enticing headline, potential readers may not budge, which will in turn weaken the potential traffic growth to your blog and to the brand.

A weak heading is content marketing suicide!

Using your main keyword in the headline is a perfect way to attract the attention of those interested in the topic and will help to make the article more visible online for the target audience to stumble onto it.

Make different keywords and test them out with the brand or with individuals interested in the topic to see which one has the most profound impact.

Make Use of Visual Content

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have proven that visual content has become popular among those who want an easy and quick dose of information on specific topics.

By introducing video clips, infographics, charts, photos, and diagrams into your blog you will be able to provide an easily readable overview of certain parts of your post.

Planning the exact visuals you would want to use in your blog post can create an intriguing background into how valuable information can be provided in the form of visuals.

Visual Contents

What’s Next?

Writing an interesting blog post that leaves the reader satisfied is not really all that complicated.

But getting your post into the world wide web and making it visible to a wide array of people is a completely different story altogether.

Even when considering how link building and keyword usage can make or break the visibility of your blog post, you should consider using a professional SEO marketing company such as Webjuice.

Our agency provides the ultimate marketing solution for your needs, whether you are a blogger or a brand that requires excellent content.

Contact Webjuice today for your SEO consultation where we will uncover the full optimization potential for your brand or blog.

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