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Google Bing Webmaster Bulk URL Removal Tool
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The “Google & Bing Webmaster Bulk URL Removal Tool” extension is a powerful tool designed to make removing a large number of URLs from Google’s search results incredibly easy.

This tool allows you to remove multiple URLs with just one click, instead of having to copy and paste individual URLs and click the remove button manually for each one.

All you need to do is create a CSV file containing the list of URLs you want to remove, then upload it into the extension and click the remove button. 

The extension takes care of the rest, ensuring that your URLs are quickly and efficiently removed from Google’s search results. This makes the entire process much faster and more convenient, saving you valuable time and effort.

Our Features

Google Bing Webmaster Bulk-URL Removal Tool Chrome Extension
  1. Remove all urls with just one click
  2. Work seamlessly with any browser
  3. Cheaper than any other tool in market
  4. Connect to support anytime you want
  5. One tool for both the best search engine (Google and Bing)
  6. Helped in cleaning hacked website

How to use

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