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See Your Franchise Flourishing Nationwide, Attracting Investors.

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Enter the dynamic trio of digital marketing:
SEO, Google Ads, Cold Emails

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Franchisors Need a Low-Risk Way to Aggressively Grow & Make Their Franchisees Very Happy

With our SEO and Google Ads,we not only drive traffic to your website
but also ensure these visitors are primed for ultimately boosting your sales

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15 Minute-Discovery Meeting

You as the franchisor will have a quick 15-to-30-minute discovery meeting with Webjuice. In that meeting, we will share a bit with you about Webjuice, our company mission of “Help Others” and how we have successfully lived that mission.. We will then ask you some key questions centered upon what you want to accomplish.

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1 Hour Growth Strategy Meeting

About 1-to-1½ weeks after that first meeting, we will develop a complimentary growth strategy for your network. We will develop custom solutions that will solve your top challenges. We will tell you exactly how we will do it. And we will show you the results you can expect – and when.

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Growth Pilot with Early Adopters

Webjuice will work with you to do a low-risk, no long-term commitment growth pilot with a group of franchisees, company-owned locations, or with a small portion of your national marketing strategy. We will PROVE that our brand promise of amazing customer service and amazing results are real and superior to anything you have seen before. You will see the results in improved lead generation, improved sales, improved royalties, improved recruiting and hiring, and improved royalties from the areas of your business and your franchise businesses that we touch.

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Roll Out

Webjuice will work with you to effortlessly roll out these successes in a short time frame of months to the franchise network. Sometimes Webjuice will power your National Brand Fund. Other times, these efforts will be 100% franchisee funded. Franchisees will often choose to opt-in to these programs after they heard of the great results, and in a completely voluntary way it is not unheard of for 80%+ of the franchisees in your network to ask to have the Webjuice growth strategy implemented for them. Once they sign up, 96% of them stay in the program every year, despite the fact they can quit at any time. It is also quite normal for 100% of company-owned locations to ask to have this proven growth strategy used to drive their success as well.

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Continual Growth

Webjuice’s #1 KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is that we want 80% of the franchisees that we work with and 100% of the franchisors that we work with to grow year over year – even in very established and competitive industries. This growth will happen by Webjuicecontinually stepping up to the plate to bring new and innovative ideas to your franchise system.

Unleash the Power of
SEO and Cold Emails for Your Franchise

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For every brand owner that qualifies to work with us, we offer a full money back guarantee. The guarantee is based on incremental revenue over the period of time that we will work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that is specifically designed to help franchise businesses optimize their local search presence and generate leads for each franchise location.

Cold email lead generation allows your franchise business to directly reach a wide array of potential investors that you might not have access to otherwise. It provides a platform to highlight the unique selling points of your franchise, the return on investment, and the support systems in place for franchisees. By doing so, you can pique the interest of potential investors, encourage dialogue, and potentially convert them into actual investors.

Franchise SEO services are important for local businesses because they help optimize their Google My Business profile, improve local SEO rankings, and increase the chances of potential customers finding your franchise location.

While SEO can be a powerful lead generation tool for franchises, it’s important to also incorporate other marketing tactics such as cold emails, PPC advertising, and social media marketing to drive traffic and generate leads.

Some common challenges that franchises face with SEO include inconsistent NAP citations across multiple locations, difficulty optimizing for multiple locations, and managing local keywords and content for each franchise location.

While you can try to implement franchise SEO strategies on your own, it’s often beneficial to work with an experienced SEO company or agency that can provide customized services for your franchise business and help you achieve your marketing goals.

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