When Replace Agency

Marketing agency has the expertise you need

The most commonly used online marketing platforms are evolving very quickly – Google and Facebook, which together eat up most of the spending on online advertising, its advertising systems innovate in term of months and weeks.

Expertise cannot be built overnight (unless the Agency is not able and willing to buy specifically for you from the outside). Therefore, if an agency cannot do today what you need, you’ll just have nothing else but to replace the agency.

The agency does not have the experience you need

To meet specific business objectiveslarge campaigns or important online activity –  you need one of the agencies with people who know even how to show that the errors on which they have learned, have already passed.

If your agency does not have experience with what you want to achieve, and failure for you is not acceptable risk, consider replacing the agency.

The Agency does not solve problems, but hides

replace-agencyIn complex online campaigns sometimes occurs a problem:

  • campaign you create on Facebook, is not running,
  • someone starts key visual a day earlier or a day later
  • the budget wont derives or miss out.
  • production of websites it’s not ready on planned date.

… And many other problems caused by human factors, technical issues, unexpected events, and objective circumstances.

No one can guarantee that any mistake will not occur, but it is important how your agency handle the problem.

Apart from the explanations and excuses, you can expect that the agency will show how to adapt processes to prevent similar problems that have occurred.

But what about the situation where you got into the problem by coincidence, which your agency was hiding? Look after another.

If your online marketing agency is less than what you expect, consider first whether you have together set realistic expectations.

Most online marketing metrics are affected by activities of your competitors. For example, AdWords and many other automated advertising systems are selling advertising space in the form of auction. It takes place in real time and the result is, if your ad is displayed, in which position is displayed and what price for impressions or clicks you pay.

So if you suddenly somebody else enter the auction or any new player will increase its existing activity your advertising cost will be reflected.

Similarly, in SEO – if you are the only one of your competitors, which is dedicated to optimizing, or even you don’t have any direct competitor, your costs for obtaining and maintaining traffic from the search engines are much lower than when you hit the position with other active players.

About your expectations is therefore very important to communicate as clearly as possible.

What is recommended? Calculate what the agency will have to deliver to justify their reward, and then ask them if they can fulfil such objectives.

But if even after defining common objectives, the agency does not meet the agreed date, it’s time to look for a replacement.

Agency will not take the time you need

From the Agency you are buying expertise, time and energy. The Agency would be reasonably available and would mainly be doing your projects. If you see that on the necessary steps in the agency they cannot find the time, it can have several causes.

Make sure that you are ‘buying’ enough time. Imagine how much to have, to make an online marketer happy, imagine how much the time you would like to invest into your project, imagine the cost of his computer and chairs and you generate how much you have to pay his work.

Sometimes it is better for you to hire a freelancer –  you can clearly generate part of his time when he is directly addressed only to your project. This is also the case scale – Different providers have different sweet spot – an area in which they work best in terms of complexity, budget and other characteristics.

The agency is badly communicating

This could mean that you “can’t cooperate” with your consultant. This is normal – as people have different personal styles. Not everyone satisfies everyone.

The question then is whether it is to talk to them and try to change it, or try directly request the replacement of a particular person or a fellow colleague.

Agencies have a wide variety of clients. So even poor communication is worth a try to solve. If it is not working, it’s time to change the agency.

Before you replace an agency, you need to answer a fundamental question: will change help?

In online marketing, you can achieve sustainable success only if you have a good basic – product. Good Agency can’t knit from the nothing the imaginary whip.

Success also requires your active participation. Agency cannot do the work for you, but only with you and if you do not have the team cooperation capacity, exchange agencies will not help.

If you choose online marketing agency, here are some questions that you would have them ask before signing the contract.

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