Slimline Studio | Webjuice
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Slimline Studio

Website branding for professional studio in the hearth of Dublin

Digital Strategy for Slimline Studio in Centre of Dublin.


Slimline-Studio is a new modern studio in the hearth of Dublin near Jervis Shopping Centre. They offer great services like gym, slimline offers, hairdresser and make-up artist. Webjuice work closely with Slimline-Studio to shape and develop their website, content, graphic and Internet Marketing. We developed a responsive website with nice colors and easy navigation.

“The website is awesome, we like the colors, graphic, everything. We was working with Webjuice for a month and that was a great experience. Mike is great Designer and Developer.”
Petr – Slimline-Studio, Owner and Trainer
Branding, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Wordpress website