Keyword research with Long Tail Pro

What should you know

I am bringing some long tail suggestions for you.

If you didn’t use or just ignore long tail keywords you should get it as soon as possible to start paying attention. At least just for the reason that with Long Tail you can get a better position on Google.

For analysis keywords the best software on the market is Long Tail Pro. The software is paid but its worth it. You can check and buy subscription monthly or annually here. You can start trial version just for 1$ for 14 days and after buy annual plan.

With Long Tail Pro you can easily identify Keyword Competitiveness with a single number.

I next screenshot you can see.

  • keyword
  • price in google adwords
  • local searches
  • global searches
  • competition
  • index of the site – when the index number is under 40 it means that the competition doesn’t has good content

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