How to choose the website for your business?

Everyone has different preferences, tastes and businesses. If you have decided to make a website for your business you need to follow few steps which will attract your customers and target market.

First of all, it is good to know the difference between domain and website, why the website for your business needs first good name and then have a good domain.

Domain – this is the name of the website, in the other words the URL of the website. For this page, it is, which you can see at the command line of your browser, so each page identities differs from others.

Website – it is all you see now. This page which you have in text, images, videos, all this content. And if you want people to see your website you have to buy and set up your domain = site address.

So now, if you really decided to have a website for your business to save your time and money you should follow these sequences:

  • Purpose of the website
  • Right keywords
  • Domain address
  • Hosting
  • Editing system
  • Design and Content
  • Strategy
  • Advertising

1. Purpose of the website

By choosing right purpose of your website you can avoid basic mistakes, especially if you do not understand the internet environment very much. Here are some common uses of the websites:

BLOG, PHOTOBLOG, VIDEOBLOG – this is usually for the presenting of your ideas, experiences, trying to interact with other people through comments, exchanging opinions, also good for self-realization, or finding solutions, building awareness and getting responses to our thoughts or work.

PERSONAL PRESENTATION – to make is awareness of you or your experiences, it is important that your personal story is best in connection with the blog = building a personal brand.

COMPANY PRESENTATION – to introduce the company together with the products or services and it could be profitable when it is in connection with the company blog. This can support awareness, sales and customer service.

PRODUCT PAGE – for sale of particular product or brand. Also, it can be better with the presentation of blog, because it gives your customer more product information, and can higher your sales.

E-SHOP / E-COMMERCE– sell specific product, service with shopping cart and payment system.

2. Right Keywords

When you know the purpose of the website, you should now write down all the right keywords that you think should be on the page. What words you can use? The one which you would use in search engine if you were looking what you want to show on your website.

Concrete identification name – company name, people, assortment, product, brands, business areas

Individual units – product lines, company departments, topic categories what you want to write about

Individual elements – list of articles on the specific topics you want to write about, or particular products

Why the right keywords are important?

  • These keywords should be chosen carefully and should represent the name of the website or domain.
  • Use keywords analysis – find out which of the suggested words people search in search engines more, which less, what word shapes they look and use the more searched ones. Every good search engine which has a tool where you can find the most searched keywords.

3. Select a domain

It is necessary to know what words do you want to use or compose from the previous point. Then check whether your chosen name is not purchased already. This can be verified on the site of hosting providers. If the name is already taken, look for another similar option or buy the domain from its owner. Based on this, people will be able to find you when they search for something in search engine. So, the domain is the unique identifier of each website and it is important that you like it, perhaps evoking your content.

4. Select your hosting

If you have a domain selected now you have to select your hosting. What the hosting is? For example, the text, pictures, videos, and more of these elements of the page content must be placed somewhere like store. They are stored on the servers that are constantly connected to the internet so that an internet visitor can get to the site at any time. This will also save your site files in one place. Hosting offers many potential providers and it is sometimes difficult to decide who to trust. Before you choose, it is good to check the prices and parameters of hosting packages, also customer support, flexibility, support for content management systems and the range of services. Webjuice offers from shared hosting to own Virtual Private Server (VPS). You can contact us and ask for package.

5. Select content editing system

If you have a purchased domain and it is directed to the hosting, how do you get your content on the page? Either you know how to program or you do not know anything. Then, you can be interested in the so-called free content editing systems. These content editing systems are installed for free on a domain that makes it easy for you to log in and just create content as if you were simply writing to the word document and you don’t need to know anything about the program. You can also choose the layout of the page and edit it, add various add-ons to the site (email forms, buttons, galleries, videos, pictures, categories, tags, SEO, etc.) Very popular are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 etc.

6. Choose a design

When you choosing a design for your website it should be something which reflect the business you are doing. Choose a design which give the person an adequate emotion at first glance on your web. It is also good to watch modern technological trends and go with the flow. Design should be interesting and also is should be able to see the website on the laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is called responsive design. It is also important to check if the website is appearing on the most used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and if its fast enough. You can check our webdesign services here.

7. Scheduling content strategy

Now it is about creating content strategy. There are few critical points here. One is endurance. Most people start writing content, blog and after two months they stop, because no one is responding to the articles. This is also a second problem, when people are not responding it usually mean that there is low traffic to the website or non-interesting content strategy. It is good to know the content strategy, how to write better text, copywriting policies, simple features to bring the people to the website. We offer various packages for SEO and content marketing. Also link building can help to drive traffic on your website. Link building is linking to the other websites promoted through your website.

8. Promote your website

It is very important to promote your website to attract your target market. There are many opportunities how to promote your website, here are few ideas.

  • To advertise in search engines – SEO
  • To promote through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • To promote through video channels like Youtube or Vimeo
  • To promote through email marketing (mailchimp)
  • For the websites which are longer on the market promote through the affiliate marketing

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