Chrome 68 will mark you unsecured if you are not on https

What you should know
chrome 68
This July, Google will release Chrome 68, which will be the final stop for its struggle to support encrypted web protocols. All sites that will run on HTTP instead of HTTPS for years will be marked as insecure. The operation between their servers and your browser can therefore be intercepted. Google’s rules changed every sixth version. Chrome 56 has flagged all pages with login dialogs or a form to enter payment details that are running on HTTP as unsecured. Chrome 62 then tagged all HTTP pages with any forms unsecured. Webjuice and all our websites are using https more than a year. However, many other sites do not have encryption. According to Google, 19 of the 100 most visited sites in the world use only HTTP. In Chrome on Android and Windows, 32% is running unencrypted, Chrome on Chrome OS and MacOS 22%. chrome https
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