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27 Dec Google Maccabees Update

Maccabees is one of the updates to the main Google algorithm, which we know as Fred. Today, Google's spokesman confirmed that mid-month was really about updating the main algorithm (apart from a bunch of smaller ones) that focuses on the relevance of search results. "We've released...

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how to choose website

21 Jun How to choose the website for your business?

Everyone has different preferences, tastes and businesses. If you have decided to make a website for your business you need to follow few steps which will attract your customers and target market. First of all, it is good to know the difference between domain and website, why...

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google analytics

07 Dec New add-on for Google Analytics

New Google Analytics Add-On Displays Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website New add-on for Google Analytics provides new detailed information about more than 180 million companies and the people behind. The new add-on has become increasingly popular with Google Analytics users and provides thousands of new leads...

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digital agency

23 Sep When Replace Agency

The agency has the expertise you need The most commonly used online marketing platforms are evolving very quickly - Google and Facebook, which together eat up most of the spending on online advertising, its advertising systems innovate in term of months and weeks. Expertise cannot be built...

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mistakes on website

23 Sep Mistakes on websites

Scrolling one page (single page) sites In good design, we often forget the usability and marketing potential. One site for multiple services or products is not enough. You Need to pay attention to the detail in services, you need to have enough relevant content that search...

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