5 reasons you need https

Why do you need SSL? What is the importance to be on SSL certificate? In this blog I will tell you why to switch to https. What is SSL? From website security to customer trust. SSL certificate is very important in these days because it is google who is making rules on the web. From 1st of April 2017 everybody should switch to secure certificate – SSL.

1. Improved SEO ranking

In April 2014 Google announced adding SSL to your site will boost your position on Google. This applies for all sites not just e-commerce websites or websites which stores sensitive information. If you don’t have e-shop or checkout at your website still you can add SSL certificate to your website and increase you ranking. It’s very easy, all you need is to get SSL certificate from your web hosting provider or ask your network administrator. 

2. Encrypt your information

The purpose is to keep sensitive information secure and encrypted. When you are using SSL encrypted information are not visible to other people. Only you can see them and server where you sending to.

3. Authentication

There is another very good thing about this, SSL comes with authentication so you can be sure that the information is send to the right server and not elsewhere. People are accessing websites from lots of places and devices. Any of them can be hacked and they can steal your information. Authentication is using proper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Best option is to get SSL from trusted provider. Very good and free provider is Let’s Encrypt. For this you need own private server and speak to your network administrator or you can buy from your web hosting administrator and they can set it up for you.

4. Gain Customer Trust

When customer comes to your site and see green padlock in the address bar which indicating the connection is secured. This visual cues assist to building trust with your visitors which can lead in generation conversion and sales.

5. Malware and Phishing Protection

This is a method where people try to get information from users who share information on unsecured accounts. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the functions and differences between HTTP and HTTPS. If you need to secure your site with an SSL certificate, do not hesitate to contact us!

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